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"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet."
-- William Gibson
    2014 Governor's Emerging Trader of the Year
                World Trade Club of Washington
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Welcome to Blue Future Filters.  Since 1995- providing safe water for people,
communities, agriculture, and industry worldwide

For residential or small systems:


Our unique SSF/x slow sand filter. Produces 450 gpd of high quality water  from surface water sources

inspecting Lake Volta slow sand filter

SSF-10 nestable slow sand filters installed in the  Lake Volta region of  Ghana.  To see more of this project click here

for larger flows to 1,000 gpm, think bolted steel tank systems.

volcano national park

28 gpm filter at Volcano National Park. This filter was erected, piped, and loaded with media in 5 days.
NEW- Click here to see construction progress on a 100 gpm modular slow sand filter in Oklahoma.

geomembrane ssfx
The use of revolutionary geomembrane tanks brings our innovative slow sand filter technology to very inaccessable regions.
For more information about this project check out House of the Children

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