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Remote/Emergency Community Water Treatment

Two revolutionary systems for remote and disastor relief efforts

1800 gpd ssf reflex

  • Compact Flexible Design for Easy Bulk Storage and Emergency Shipment
  • 99.99% removal of bacteria, viruses, cysts, Giardia, Chryptosporidium
  • 1800 gallons per day for community supply
  • Simple to Operate Gravity-Feed Hydraulics
  • No Power Required
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • No Membranes, Bags or Chemicals, More Efficient than Ultrafitration
  • World Health Organization, Oxfam and USEPA-approved technology
  • Simple installation, simple maintenance
  • Detailed illustrated instructions provided and installation training available
  • see this video of Reflex in action in Peru

ceramic reflex

Our industrial quality ceramic filter in a tough geomembrane container:
  • for aid workers
  • disaster relief efforts
  • cleanable ceramic filter
  • 4 log removals
  • convenient hanging strap
  • add water at night, safe water in the morning
  • foldable, packable, storable
  • $400 plus shipping, quantity discounts available
email or call for details and ordering information:

    Filling REFleX with media on a remote site in Amazonian Peru

     REFleX SF and RF series

    Shippable Community Drinking Water Treatment for Emergencies and Remote Locations

    Blue future Filters introduces our latest offering slow sand and roughing filters: our patented SSF/x drinking water treatment technology in a flexible, shipable, storable tank. The SSF/x has been reliably treating surface water to potability worldwide for many years. This new version of the tried and tested technology makes clean water for small communities available literally out of a box. The filters come in a carton, weigh 39 lbs. They can be stocked for ready deployment without taking valuable strorage space. They can be transported in numbers by truck, mule, on the back of a motorcycle or even a backpack. Once on site, they are loaded with 30 cubic feet of local sand and water from any surface source, immediately eliminating common pathogens. Water gravity feeds into the filter and can produce up to 1800 gpd, enough for a small village. Multiple units in parallel can accomodate hundreds of people within days or hours.

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