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About Us

Our Mission

Blue Future Filters Inc. was established in 2003 to help provide clean drinking water systems for the world. It is our mission to provide non-chemical drinking water systems that are economical, efficient, appropriate, and available to a wide variety of locations, peoples, and applications. We want to make clean water accessible to as many people worldwide as possible. We uphold the ideals of sustainability because it is our belief that in the long run, reliance on high-tech equipment, membranes, toxic chemicals, and electric-intensive systems are not the answers to supplying the world's urgent need for quality drinking water. 

For timely articles about water related issues, check out the Blog.

To read more about our philosophy and mission, as well as learn about consulting services, please visit our sister website:  

Our Partners

Blue Future has partnered with other manufacturers including CST Industries, Inca Plastics (Philippines), and Seattle Tarp to bring many skills and disciplines to bear in offering our unique water treatment solutions to the global market.  Internationally, we work with Inca in the Phillipines and Thailand to bring our technologies to south east Asia. We look forward to developing other partnerships in Africa, India, and south and Central America.

Who we are


Humphrey Blackburn
CEO and Founder
Humphrey has over 25 years experience with water systems. He became interested in developing slow sand filters while pursuing a masters degree in the late 1980s. His first SSF project was for his thesis and involved creating a slow sand filtration system for the residents of a small community in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. After he received his Master of Science degree in Environmental Systems - International Development Technology from Humboldt State University in 1995, he founded Blackburn and Associates, a research, design and consulting firm that specializes in sustainable water treatment technologies including slow sand filters, iron filters, roughing filters, wastewater treatment, piping and control systems.

In 2003, Humphrey formed Blue Future Filters in Santa Rosa, California to manufacture and market the filtration systems developed by Blackburn & Associates. To further expand his business, and be closer to family, Humphrey and his wife Xan relocated from California to Bellingham, Washington, which became the headquarters in early 2005. 

Humphrey is currently assembling a book with Peter Blackburn-  Providing Water, a Practical Field Guide which will be available in 2016. . 

peter and anjali

Peter Blackburn

VP and Operations Manager

Peter has worked with Blue Future in various capacities since its beginnings in 2003. Peter earned his BA from UC Berkeley and his MPH from the University of Washington. He currently is the Operations Manager overseeing all aspects of Blue Future Filters. He has worked on projects in the US and in Honduras and Peru. Shown here with his wife, Anjali Englund at commencement UW, 2012.

Board of Directors

blue future board

From left- Greg Seeligson, Vanessa Blackburn, Peter Blackburn-operations manager, Xan Blackburn, and founder Humphrey Blackburn















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