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Slow sand filters and Blue Future Filters

World Trade Club of Washington, Governor's Emerging Trader of the Year 2014
      Blue Future was nominated and awarded this prestigious award  at a reception at the World Trade Center in Seattle in recognition of our efforts to increase availability of safe drinking water to comunitiies worldwide while also bringing trade and commerce to Washington State.

Cherokee Slow Sand Filter, Kenwood Oklahoma.

       Following a three year effort, Blue Future adds the Kenwood 200 gpm slow sand filter to it's portfolio  of successful projects. Working with Greg Butcher of the Kenwood water utility to achieve his vision of a sustainable system that will be able to provide water with minimal  maintenance for 50 years, and the general contractor Bronze Oak, Blue Future technology provides a sustainable model for future projects. For more on this project,  click here.

Book project by Humphrey Blackburn
    In May 2013, Humphrey Blackburn launched a book project to assemble his cumulative knowledge and experience about rural water systems. With over 25 years experience working across the US and with groups in 20 countries, he has learned what works and is sustainable and what isn't. This Field Guide provides straight forward, understandable advice and instruction for successful implimentation of rural water systems, from source to tap.  The book, when published will be available as an ebook copy or a paperback copy. You can follow this book project by getting on the mailing list

December 2012 in Ghana

    Humphrey Blackburn  supervised start up and training personnel on operating and maintaning two SSF-10 slow sand filters near Lake Volta, Ghana for Safe Water Network. These filters  provide up to 28,800 gpd of potable water for villages not available before.

Volcano National Park 9/2010

A joint Blue Future. Columbian Tech Tank 28 gpm bolted steel slow sand filter was installed in September 2010 at Volcano National Park, Hawaii. The filter went from the ground up to producing water in 5 days. This brings tremedous cost savings to small communities.

Slow sand filters compared with Ultrafiltration, cost and carbon footprint

        In a recent paper comparing slow sand filtration (based on performance of an SSF-10 used as prefiltration for a desalinization plant in Santa Cruz  California) a 6 mgd SSF plant was expected to save 311 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide over other systems due to significantly less transportation, chemical, and energy costs. (Meyhofa, Paul, PE, CDM, Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Open Intake Seawater desalinization: Slow Sand Filtration before Reverse Osmosis)
       In another study in Abbotsford, British Columbia where a ssf and an ultrafiltration system were run side by side, the manager of the plant stated the ssf represented "three times the capacity at half the cost. (Derick Casey, Manager, Water Supply Services, Abbotsford, B.C.)

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