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Slow sand filters

international development and emergency situations

Blue Future Filters offers government and relief agencies several models of nestable package plant slow sand filters and our newest model, the R/E Flex sf series filter (seen on the right) that can produce from 450 gallons per day to 11,520 gallons per day or more. Features include:

  • No chemical or power requirements

  • Reliable time proven biological and physical processes

  • World Health Organization, Oxfam and USEPA-approved technology

  • Up to 99.99% removal of bacteria, viruses, cysts, Giardia, and Chryptosporidium

  • Nestable and inexpensive to ship.
  • R/E Flex geomebrane tank version folds in a box for easy shipment and transport to remote sites inaccesible by other means. Two stock sizes (1,800 gpd and 7,200 gpd) with others available to meet your needs.

  • Appropriate for hard-to-access and remote areas

  • Gravity-feed hydraulics

  • Simple installation, simple maintenance

  • Detailed installation instructions provided and installation training available

These filters provide all the features of our other SSF filters, including long filter runs, easy harrowing cleaning, and simple flow control. These features make it easy to install, operate and maintain a slow sand filter without outside "experts" or expensive ongoing material costs.

For prices, models and shipping information, please call us at (360) 756-0071 or email



An SSFx 1800 in Sumatra.
An SSFx 1800 in operation in a tsunami-affected area in Sumatra, Indonesia. The SSFx 1800 uses nestable tanks that are easy to ship.

 soft ssfx
R/E Flex offers a highly potable version of our patented SSFX technology. Comes in a box and weighs 39#. can be warehoused easily for emergencies. Can be transported on the back of a motorcycle, horse, wagon, backpack for remote applications.

"Under suitable circumstances, slow sand filtration may be not only the cheapest and simplest but also the most efficient method of water treatment. Its advantages have been proved in practice over a long period, and it is still the chosen method of water purification in certain highly industrialized cities as well as in rural areas mid small communities. It has the great advantage over other methods that it makes better use of the local skills and materials available in developing countries, and it is far more efficient than rapid filtration in removing bacterial contamination."

-- World Health Organization's
Water Sanitation and Health division


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