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Slow Sand Filters
Potable water from surface water sources

The patented SSF/x-450


       The SSF-x slow sand filters offers superior slow sand filter performance in an economical single tank system. Flow control and headloss measurement easily control flow and tell you when you need to clean. Wet Harrowing cleaning makes the cleaning process simple and eliminates having to remove or replace sand. The filter measure 25" diamter x 51" high and weighs 33# for economical shipping anywhere.
The SSF/x-450 produces up to 450 gallons per day.

For more information about our SSFx filter, see our SSF/x Installation and Maintenance Guide (in English) or SSF/x Instalacion en Espanol (in Spanish)

The premium Home filter-
The SSF-1.25

ssf-1.25 and roughing filter

       The SSF-1.25 slow sand filters gives you all the advantages of our larger community size filters in a compact package. over two feet of freeboard gives you long filter runs between cleaning. The SSF-1.25 produces up to 1800 gallons per day.  The SSF-1.25 is composed of a 47" diameter filter tank and a 30" diameter "control tank". It can be shipped anywhere economically by common carrier.

For more information about our SSF 1.25, see our SSF-Series Installation and Maintenance Guide.

  • Up to 99.99% removal of bacteria, viruses, Giardia, Cryptosporidium
  • Approved for surface water treatment
  • No power necessary
  • No chemicals
  • Gravity feed hydraulics
  • Options include Granular activated carbon for pesticide, THM removal
  • Calcite to raise pH
  • UV for second barrier
  A comment from a customer in Mexico-
"First, we continue to get impressive service from your SSFx sand
filter we installed in the small village of La Cienaga in central Mexico. The filter has been operating for a year-and-a-half and has continued to produce bacteria-free water under difficult circumstances. Those circumstances are that the source water has an extremely high sediment content - at its worst the water is yellow/orange in color.

Even when the community well was flooded with sediment during the rainy season and delivered very dirty water to the sand filter, the SSFx continued to produce clear, bacteria free water."
-Larry Siegel, 2008

And for really really remote sites, check out our geomembrane ssf/x 1800

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