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Home Iron Filters
without chemicals or exotic media

Do you have hard water and are thinking of buying a softener? Your heart will appreciate it if you read this first.

FEx iron filter
The Fe/x- to 1800 gpd
ME4 heavy duty house iron filter

ME-4, 5,760 gpd at 4 gpm

The FE/x and ME-4 Iron Filter

These are not your typical iron filters. These units are capable of much higher levels of iron removal than  softeners or birm filters. They also remove manganese due to long retention times. The FE/x and the ME-4 iron filters bring high quality, non-chemical iron removing filters to your home. The FE/x produces up to 2,900 gallons per day, and the ME-4 up to 5,700 gpd. Both filters use natural aeration, precipitation and upflow gravel filtration to produce water you can live with. Simple to install - simple to maintain.

For information about how to install and maintain the FE/x, click here.

For information about how to install and maintain the ME 4, click here.

Filter media for both filters is locally obtained sand and gravel. For prices and shipping, please email us.


From Greece:

"It now seems a long time since we last communicated when I told you how pleased I was with the new filter. We are thrilled with the quality of water that we are getting and as a result have been able to install in our villa a new kitchen complete with dishwasher and washing machine. Also gone are the iron odours and orange stains, white T-Shirts are in evidence! Thank you so much, once again, the quality of life in our holiday home has improved enormously. The downside however is that it is now going to cost me a modern bathroom in addition to the kitchen (there are even murmurings of a fountain and an automatic watering system)!"

-- C.M., U.K.



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