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Community Slow Sand Filters
Compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule
at a cost you can afford

Patent pending.

multiple ssf-10 slow sand filters
2- SSF-10 slow sand filters producing 25,920 gpd
ssf3 slow sand filter
an SSF-3 slow sand filter producing 3,600 gpd

Blue Future Filters Inc. provides package plant slow sand filters to help small communities such as rural subdivisions, parks, mobile home parks, camps and retreat centers meet the requirements of the U.S.E.P.A.'s Surface Water Treatment Rule. Our systems cost one third to one half that of other treatment systems with the added benefits of no power requirement, no chemical requirement, and lower operator costs.

  • Approved EPA technology
  • No electricity, no chemicals
  • Basic operator certification (instead of intermediate)
  • Half the cost of conventional or DE
  • Advanced monitoring and cleaning means no resanding

Slow sand filtration offers a cost-effective approach to water treatment where surface water is the source and bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and turbidity are the problems. Blue Future Filters offers a series of Blackburn & Associates-designed community sized slow sand filters producing from 6,000 gpd to 12,600 gpd and up, using extra heavy-duty polyethylene roto-moulded components. Additional output can be achieved through installing multiple units in parallel. Beyond 50 gpm, Blue Futrue Filters offers bolted steel filters up to 2,000 gpm. Both types units can be installed in a matter of days without specialized tools or equipment at a fraction of the cost of concrete or steel. This means additional savings in that installation can accomplished "in-house" without costly out-sourcing for skilled labor.

Net result: a savings to your organization of up to 70% on water treatment systems. Blue Future Filters provides the filters, manifolds, valves and complete, clear instructions on installation and maintenance. Along with our partner, Blackburn & Associates, we work with health department officials to facilitate your installation. We also offer on-site consultation worldwide at time of installation (recommended), as well as technical support by phone, FAX, or e-mail. With your water report, description of site, climate information, and quantity requirement we can recommend the proper filter(s) for your needs.

We can also assist in pilot studies, if necessary, including providing prefabricated pilot scale slow sand filters that faithfully reproduce operating characteristics of our larger plants.

The following table lists models, flow rates in gallons per minute and gallons per day and footprint size for each filter. For more detailed information on these filters, see our SSF-Series Installation and Maintenance Guide.

Flow Rate
Per Day
SSF 125 1.25 gpm
1,800 gpd
84" x 48"
x 79" h
2.5 gpm
3600 gpd
168" x 48"
x 79" h
5.65 gpm
8,136 gpd
192" x 72"
x 85" h
SSF 10
9 gpm
12,600 gpd
x 116"
x 92" h

For specs, click here

* SSF 10 uses nestable or closed top filter tanks. Please specify at time of order

** On SSF 10, more tanks can be manifolded for higher gpd output.

All sizes based on U.S. specifications. For international rates and sizes, please contact us. Media is obtained locally.

SSF 10 slow sand filters
A 30 gpm slow sand filter (click for large image)


EPA-approved technology

Slow sand filtration has been approved and is specified by many national and international agencies, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Blue Future Filters is approved as meeting the following standards for use in California, Washington state, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oklahoma with other states pending (Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania):

  • National Primary Drinking Water Regulations Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule as published in the Federal Register/ Vol. 63, No. 241 /Wednesday, December 16, 1998/ Rules and Regulations.
  • The USEPA Small System Compliance Technology List for The Surface water Treatment Rule (slow sand filtration is listed on page 24), EPA 815-R-97-002 August 1997.
  • Recommended Standards for Water Works (Ten States Standards), 2003 Edition, Great Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Environmental Managers.
  • The Design of Small Water Systems, New York State Department of Health.
  • Specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers for projects as outlined in Operational Guidelines for Humanitarian Civic Assistance Water Supply Systems, US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District.
  • Specified for use by the Indian Health Service of the US Dept of Health, Redding and Ukiah (Calif.) offices.
  • For more links to technical publications and government policy on slow sand filters, visit the Blackburn & Associates links page.

Underdrains and valves delivered and ready to assemble.

An SSF-1.25 pilot filter.


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