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Large Community Slow Sand Filters
30-200 gpm

Kenwood Oklahoma

200 gpm slow sand filter

This system was installed summer 2014. Each filter is capable f producing 100 gpm (BFF-200). Source is a nearby creek. For more information about this installation - Click here

Volcano National Park
volcano national park

This 28 gpm filter (bff-60) was installed at Volcano National Park to supliment existing slow sand filters. Volcano National Park sees more than 1 million vistors per year. Source water is rainwater catchment.. For more on this installation and another in Wyoming- Click here

                Blue Future can supply larger bolted steel slow sand filters based on your requirments. We can supply as a kit for your contractor to assemble or in a design/build relationship with one of our certified installers.  Either way, you save in engineering and construction costs. Plus Blue Future systems are modular, so they can be scaled up at later time to meet anticipated demand. this means that you can save money in the near term by not over-builidng.
Contact us for more information.
BFF series highlights:

 • Drinking water treatment for populations of
1,000-280,000 or more
 • Half the cost of conventional treatment
 • EPA approved slow sand filter technology
 • Proven Blue Future Filters design
 • Significant savings over custom engineered
SSF system
 • Quick installation -- call for options
 • NSF-rated components
 • Options include steel roofs and floors, remote
and onsite monitoring equipment
 • Redundant design
 • Influent flow control
 • Wet harrowing to clean -- no scraping,
BFF 6060 gpm 86,000 gpd 53 x 29' x 10' high
BFF 100 100 gpm144,000 gpd    65' x 40' x 10' high
BFF 200200 gpm  288,000 gpd  91' x 48 x 10' high
BFF 10001000 gpm1.44 mil gpd174' x 100' x 10' high

Numbers based on loading rate of 0.1 gpm/ft2  (0.2 meters per hour).
Other models also available.
Steel tank systems, for flow rates of 40 - 1000 gpm or more

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