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Rainwater Filtration
Check out this video of our rainwater catchment, treatment, storage, use system
rainwater sediment filter

If you want to capture rainwater for storage and general use, this filter will remove sediments and other settleable solids. Water  passes from your gutter's downpipe into the white pipe at the top of the filter. It flows downward through piping to the filter underdrain system then flows upward leaving material in the gravel or perlite layers. Water emerges from the large fitting on the upper sidewall. To clean, open the large valve at the bottom. this drains the filter through the underdrain piping for thorough cleaning.
.....or you can use geombrane rainwater filters shown below.

geomebrane rainfilters
200, 300, 500 liter geomembrane rainwater filters

Then treat for potability....
rainwater filter flow diagram
And then store.....

Bladder tanks 

9,800, 20,000, 29,000, 38,000 liters and larger 

Bladder tanks are great for storing captured rainwater. They are low profile yet can be very large to hold large quantities of water. The photo below shows a 20,000 liter bladder tank at use in the Amazon region of Peru. A simple swale can be excavated to support the bladder. Hooked up to piping from roof gutters, large amounts of water can be captured and then filtered for use over time. The other advantage is that these tanks can be made to fit your sizing and space requirements- you're not hemmed in by available rigid tank sizes  Contact us for pricing.

bladder tank
20,000 liter bladder tank 

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