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Community Roughing Filters

An RF-1 (on right) connected to an SSF 1.25 with storage tank.

Roughing filters are used primarily as pretreatment for filter systems that may not be able to tolerate high turbidity or suspended solids in the source water.

Roughing filters are also excellent treatment for wastewater. Check out this artricle-roughing filter and wastewater

The RF-1, RF-8, RF-25, and RF-50 are upflow course media filters handling from 1 gpm for home use to 50 gpm for commercial, large community and agricultural use. The upflow feature allows for maximum removal efficiency coupled with simple maintenence. By opening the downwash valves, flow through the filter is reversed at a high rate, cleaning the filter by flushing filtered particles out. This system allows for years of use of the filter without gravel replacement.

  • Remove sand and silt (settleable solids)

  • Remove 50% to 90% turbidity (cloudiness)
  • Pre-treatment for slow sand filters
Larger sizes in bolted steel available.



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