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 Roughing Filters

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Blue Future RF-25 upflow roughing filter

upflow roughing filter  for reduction of TSS and algae.

  • Removes sand and silt (settleable solids)
  • Removes to 90% turbidity (cloudiness)
  • Removes over 90% TSS
  • Tertiary treatment of wastewater.
  • Upflow maximizes removal, downwash to clean

 The RF-25 roughing filter can process up to 25 gpm of wastewater where algae and TSS must be removed to meet new discharge requirments. Multiple units operating in parallel can increase output many times. Excellent for after pond treatment. By opening the downwash valves, flow through the filter is reversed at a high rate, cleaning the filter by flushing filtered particles out. This system allows for years of use of the filter without gravel replacement.

Course media  and a slow upward loading rate (.6 gpm/ft2) allow particles to settle without clogging the filter.  This allows for long filter runs and minimal lost time flushing the system.

For more information regarding the effectiveness of roughing filters on wastewater, check out the following link:

 roughing filter performance removing TSS

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